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Sell custom products online by creating your own campaign page where anyone can check out.

When your campaign ends, we ship products directly to your buyers and send you the profits.

Sell shirts online

Open a free online store

Make it easy for users to browse all of the custom shirts and apparel you’ve designed by creating an online store. They’re free to make and simple to tailor to your brand.

Open your Store

Bonfire went above and beyond to help us create a killer shirt design and make our fundraiser a total success!

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Julia Cecere

American Eagle Foundation
Pigeon Forge, TN


Order direct and take advantage of bulk discounts – perfect for events, on-site inventory & any occasion calling for premium custom shirts.

Free US shipping on 5+ items

Order custom shirts
Design custom shirts and order them in bulk with Supply by Bonfire.

Bonfire has incredible customer service and makes me feel safe. I really love using it!

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Annie Segarra

Writer and activist

Fundraise with custom shirts

Easily raise money for your community by selling custom shirts. Perfect for individuals, groups, causes and non-profits. No inventory needed — we do all the work!

Start a fundraiser
Bonfire Creators
Bonfire Creators

Creators—meet your exclusive merch partner for epic product drops that truly connect with your fans.

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Bonfire Creators
Bonfire Creators

Trusted by thousands of organizations, businesses and individuals.

Bonfire is a trusted brand that will support you as you make your own shirts.
Make your own shirts with the guidance of Bonfire’s team.
Thousands of people have trusted Bonfire, and you can too when you make your own shirt.

Responsive, and caring customer support.

From the moment you set out to create a custom shirt, our dedicated customer happiness and account management teams have your back every step of the way.

Alpenglow Collective

Bonfire has been an absolute dream to work with - the platform is simple and easy to use, it is risk-free, and the products are truly excellent quality. In addition, their support team is prompt and very helpful. I would definitely recommend using Bonfire!

Emily Mannisto

Emily Mannisto

Alpenglow Collective
San Rafael, CA

Campaigns in the press

Campaigns in the press Campaigns in the press

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You’re only one step away from designing your next favorite shirt.

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